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author: dave kirkpatrick

What a superb collection! This guy's experience comes across in spades with a production to match. His touch is exquisite and I particularly like his use of sliding diminished chords (a device I favour). Highly recommended to anyone who appreciates fine playing on a strong set of tunes.

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Zeek's first real CD is finally DONE! Go to CD Baby \/


where it can be purchased and audio clips streamed in both hi-fi and lo-fi for dialup users. It's called simply

"Midnight Roses"

After over 30 years of playing guitar for a living, Zeek Duff has finally come into his own, with his own music, and his own web presence. We hope you'll find your visit here educational as well as entertaining! The equipment Zeek uses now includes 7 guitars, a Gibson Custom Shop Les Paul Elegant with the RMC hex pickup and preamp system installed (MIDI capable), a Brian Moore 21.13 for MIDI backup, a Washburn Timber Ridge D17CE WR (a present from Zeek's wife and the first acoustic he'd owned in 25 years), an Agile AS-1000 an ES-355 copy (just awesome), a ‘lil Strat copy, a Gibson J-45RW, and a Martin D-42 - both the latter with some very nice "custom" modifications.

Zeek just finished updating his performance gear and is polishing up the act to go live, any day now! Watch for a performance date and place announced here, soon! Also, the Oasis Blues/Jazz compilation CDs (Vols 7/11) are out a/o 12/15/04 and Zeek's original composition of "Filo Gris Gris" is featured on the first (Jazz) CD. Ask your favorite radio station to play it, 5,000 CDs were sent to stations all over the world!!!